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A while ago (in fact, it was two mobile phones ago) I had a non-touch phone. Most apps worked well but every now and again I wished I had a point and click interface. As I was trying to scroll around a particularly large web page I had an idea: What if the phone screen was a window and you scrolled it around by moving the phone itself? Almost all phones have a camera on the back, surely it could be used in the same way as an optical mouse to track movements on a surface. All you need to do is put your phone on the table and you could look at a large document as though it was stuck to the table itself!

I’ve tried to illustrate how it would work with the image of the bing home page below, except you would only be able to see the page through the phones screen (obviously).




I’m about to get a new phone and I’m going back to using a keypad (in fact I’m getting the Samsung from the image above). This has reminded me of my idea from years ago so I thought I’d search to see if anything like it has been done. It seems somebody has turned their Nokia mobile into a Bluetooth mouse for their pc, so it must be possible – come on Microsoft, this would be a great feature in Windows Mobile 7!!!

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